The Past Of The Pages

A rage of junk, I call it. Yes, you are wondering why this is the past of the pages. Well, I tell you, this is where the junk goes. The pages that were started or were given up eventually because of sheer annoyance. I am sorry to say, that this is basically the things that were given up.

Here they are, along with a few banana peels which I have meant to throw away for a long time.

Rainy Days – Like counting rainy days? Well I do too. Well, I used to. This page has about three rainy days in a row before the drought came and by the time it was gone, I had forgot all about it.

Yogurt Caps – I never knew why I started this page. It just felt reasonable. I don’t know. This one is about the words on yogurt caps that go “BEST BEFORE” yada yada. Too bad I stopped saving those caps.


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