Speech Contest Text

Just because I feel like it, I have decided to translate my Chinese speech contest text into English so the whole world can enjoy it! Feel free to guess where I messed up, although I’ve marked it out for you…

When I was small, I loved to travel. The first time I traveled was in my mother’s tummy. I was only three months, yet I was going with my mother to Yellowstone National Park. Sadly and unfortunately for me, I could not see anything. All I got to do was follow my mother around.

Once, when my mother wanted to see a few more sights, she had ran down all the way from the top of the mountain and almost had me to death.

The second time I went on vacation was when I was two. I was going with my mother to China. My mother happily pushed me in a small cart. The people on the side all stared at me, and some said, “Oh, dear. Poor baby! He’s so small and he’s already handicaped!” My mother quickly explained that what I was sitting in was a cart, not a wheelchair.

My most exciting trip was going on a deluxe cruise. The cruise was huge, and it was so fun! The Gulf of Mexico’s water was green, the sky was blue, and the sand was white. At that time, I was four.

The most exciting trip was climbing onto Switzerland’s Swiss Alps. The mountain was so high, and the wind was so strong. It almost blew me off!

The most memorable trip was this summer’s trip to Yellowstone. I saw Old Faithful. Each hour it sprays once [it’s now 91 minutes, but that is what I said] and it is tens of yards high!

When I came back and was writing in Chinese school, the teacher said, “You copied from the book!” When I opened it up, I was surprised! We wrote the same! I told my teacher that I really did see these things.

This Christmas, I’m going to Colorado’s mountains to ski. I cannot wait, because the snow-tipped mountains are my favorite place.

Pretty nice, eh?


You can also find this as a post “Speech Contest Text“.


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