Who am I,

I do not know,

I see none using the naked eye,

For even if I do try,

I’ll never see who am I.

I will search beyond my wildest dream,

And search and seek until I deem,

Alone and searching, without a team,

This is what I am: my wildest dream.

No matter how far I look and how far I seek,

I’ll never find not even myself, the geek,

I will always be myself, the meek,

And now I say, I’ll also be weak.

Looking north and south and east and west,

Looking for whichever looks best,

For when I do, I’ll have a fest,

But the way I go is not the best.

Through the dimensions, in and out,

I do not know what is furry about,

For whenever I need, I’ll simply shout,

But then again, “someone will hear me” is what I doubt.

Where am I,

I do not know.

What is clear, though,

is that I have no clue

of what I should do.


by Brad.
See post for more information.


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