Brad Basis Chart

Brad Basis ChartPerhaps you have seen me mentioning the Brad Basis Chart before? Well, good. It’s a great system that I invented and use to rate the goodness of the day.

Here is how it works:

  • Any good thing is a +1. Any great thing is a +2. Any super thing is +3, and so on.
  • Any bad thing is a -1. Any horrid thing is a -2. Any absolutely hateful thing is a -3, and so on.
  • Any day that is a negative or zero is considered pointless.
  • Any day that is a one is considered “Needed Improvement”.
  • Any day above one is considered great.
  • Any number below negative 50 is considered “Suicidal Status”.
  • Any number above positive 50 is considered “Absolute Needing Jumping Up And Down Status”.

That is how it works!


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