Look At Me, Camera! PLEASE?

24 02 2007

Look at me, camera. Please? Just look at me? JUST LOOK AT ME, CAMERA!

Does this sound familiar? Well, it should… if you’ve got a motion-detecting light switch. My family just got one, but we want to do some research before we install it. You see, following is a hilarious true story of motion detectors. It just seems the motion detectors don’t get the “motion picture”! Check it out!

My dad’s company recently installed a few motion detector light switches. One of them was installed into a restroom… incorrectly.

Someone went to the restroom. They went into a stall for two minutes. Suddenly, the lights went out.

The man who was inside the stall was aware that this restroom was outfitted with motion detection switches.

He waved his hands, hoping the motion detector would pick up the signal.

But it did nothing of the sort. Instead, he banged his hand on the side of the stall. He had forgotten he was inside a stall!

This restroom did not have any windows. It was the kind that was in the dead center of a building. It was the kind that had two doors so that no light came through.

He stomped his foot on the ground because he used to work in a facility that used sound-detecting light switches. But of course, it didn’t work.

So he was stuck in there until the next person came in. When the next person did come in, he ran out of the restroom, leaving that person puzzled… until the lights went out.

Another story about motion detectors (this happened in the same company)…

There is a short stubby guy that works at the company. He likes a bit of privacy, so he takes his desk and puts it so that the front is facing the light switch. Now, his desk has a computer on it. He has two screens (lucky).

A few day’s later, the company get’s him a motion detector light switch. He finds it convenient… and inconvenient at the same time!

The convenience: he doesn’t have to hit the light switch.

The inconvenience: every two minutes he has to wave his hands above his screens to get the light to stay on. If he forgets, his room gets very dark.

Imagine what it would look like if the boss was walking by. Suddenly, he sees you waving at him, even though you’re facing the screen. He would think you’re looking at the screen just to get him happy even though you know he’s there (because you waved).

You’d probably get a real shouting.

That’s why you should never install these things at your workplace… unless you have one of those automatic Chinese cats that wave their paw back and forth, back and forth…




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