Sleeping is Over; It’s the Sleepover

20 02 2007

Sleeping is out, over, stopped, paused, halted, and seized at my sleepover. It wasn’t meant to happen like that, but it did. Everyone who was at the sleepover barely slept.

Here is my story.

My party started at three-thirty in the afternoon and ended at eight-thirty in the night. The sleepover segment of the party was optional and it extended the party until the next morning at nine-thirty.

It seemed nobody paid any attention to all that timing.

The phone rang. “Hello?”

“Is this Brad?”

“Is this ‘ Mr. Sunshine?'” (that’s his nickname)

“Yep. Hey, I just wanted to tell you that I want to come early… say, two-twenty? Okay? Thanks… bye.”

And then he hung up on me, leaving me wonder what was going on.

I was in the middle of goodie-bag packing when a knock came from the door. When I opened the door, Mr. Sunshine (my friend) was at the door with his sleeping bag. He dumped everything onto the sofa.

I offered to let him help me finish packing the goodie bags. We finished up the bags in a jiffy. Everything done, we went upstairs and put the goodie bags on my desk.

Then we started to play on the computer. At three-fifty, “Waimbow” (his nickname) arrived. He gave me a bag. I rifled out the gift because I already knew what it was: a Tamagotchi.

I cut it open and told Waimbow thanks. He smiled broadly and we continued playing. Then he told me he could not stay for the sleepover. I sighed, but we continued playing anyway.

A while later, Luke came. I was sorry to hear he too could not come to the sleepover because of a serious earache. But he could still come to the party, so we continued playing.

About this time, I decided to go down and get a drink of water. While drinking, I began to watch one minute of TV, until Rocky came.

I had been waiting for a very long time for him. When he came, I ran up to him. He dropped his bag when I practically jumped on him, letting out a mini laptop mouse. Sweet.

My mom’s friend’s daughter and his brother arrived. I never met them before. His daughter’s name was Michelle. She was a cheek-red girl who was a bit shy. His brother had a fun look on his face as if he were ready to play.

Finally, everyone was here— except for Kev and his brother.

But we got along all right without him. We played and we had lots of fun. We stayed upstairs the whole time almost, playing games. Whenever we felt like we needed a rest (every twenty minutes), we would hobble over to my room and dig into the Legos for twenty minutes, and then when we felt like playing games again, that’s what we did.

It was about 11:45 in the night. My dad came up all squinty and told us we should intend to go to sleep now. He said that if we just went crazy and stayed up until eight and woke up at six (we laughed at that joke), then our parents would never let us sleepover again.

That’s why after about thirty minutes, I told everyone, “We should be cleaning up now, you know.”

Everyone grunted, “Just a moment.”

So I went back to building my super-duplex LEGO crafter. After another thirty minutes, I noticed the time.

“Um, guys? Don’t you—“

“Just a moment.”

They left me holding a finger up and my mouth open as they began to play with the LEGOs again.

By this time, it was one-thirty. At 1:45, I decided that this was my birthday party, and it was time I took control for a while.

I cleared my throat. “I decided that we should clean up now.” I bet if I could mesmerize, everyone would be snoring by now. But everyone listened instead of falling dead, and we gradually and reluctantly put up the LEGOs.

I pulled out my sleeping bag and laid down.

A moment later, I heard a noise.


“Who just did that?”

“I did.”


Sorry!” Then he began to sniffle as if he were crying. I played along with him.

“Oh, it’s okay, Luke.”

All of a sudden, a strong rustling came from my left. I saw a very angry Luke. “Don’t call me that.”

This time, it was my turn to say it.


We both fell over and laughed ridiculously. Rocky, apparently having heard our conversation, pushed it and said, “I’m going to stand sentry.”

I did not like that. But I just left him there, knowing that he would eventually get down and get to sleep.

He did just that.

But I felt a bit uncomfortable in the sleeping bag. My bed was next to me— empty. So I got up and went onto the bed. The padding was much more comfortable. I fell asleep.

The next morning at about seven, I woke up. Rocky was a notch more early. He was pacing around, carefully stepping over everyone and looking at all the family pictures, and all my crafts: those wooden assemble things along with my derby car and all the other stuff that I made.

When I got up, he said to me, “You’ve got a lot of awards and stuff.”


“You have so many family memories.”

“Really? This is practically a mere minimum.”

“My room might have cool stuff, but it doesn’t have any memories; no pictures, no artwork, no awards, no certificates…”

“You mean you could swap your room out with someone else’s and nobody would notice the difference.”

He nodded like I understood what he felt. Then he showed me his card. It said, “Friends have all things alike. From Rocky.” I smiled. He smiled back.

Just then, Mr. Sunshine came barging in. He didn’t ask for my permission. He just jumped on the computer and turned it on. Luke followed behind him. He smiled and said, “Wanna play?”

We spent the next half hour playing until we went downstairs to eat breakfast. Then he hobbled back up and played with LEGOs until everyone left… but Rocky.

Rocky and I played with our games for an extra half hour until his mom came. Then we all said bye and he left.

After he left, I began to clean up. It was work, and after noon, I was finished. But I wanted to do it again.

It had been so exhilarating.

So fun. So crazy.

So I asked my mom when we could do it again.

She smiled and said, “Next year.”




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