Little Mighty Printer

15 02 2007

HP Deskjet 3500 Series I have a little mighty printer. It’s small. It only costs forty dollars. But it is mighty. Very mighty. If it were a car, I suppose you’d have to call it a Ford Super-Super-Super-Super-Super-Super-(etc.) Duty. It’s that strong.

It’s not fast. It’s not vivid. Nobody knew that a harmless little printer which was only intended for printing a few pages of articles a week ended up printing over five-thousand pages. 5000 pages. That is a lot.

And a even more lot for a printer like this. A printer that only cost forty dollars.

Let me begin.

I bought this printer at Circuit City for forty dollars. My dad said it was only for a few pages a week. For my articles, he told me. So I agreed. It was a small present.

We took it home.

A few weeks later, my mom (who is a famous Chinese writer… at least in the Houston and Greater Houston area, anyway) told me her printer broke. Her printer was actually more expensive than the printer I bought.

Before I bought this printer, though, it was the only printer in the household. We had been depending on it for a long time: we took all of the things we needed to print from upstairs downstairs via a floppy (hey, this was a pretty long time ago).

But that was before we bought this printer. This printer had a purpose: to print articles that I wrote. It was going to stay where it had been put: upstairs.

So I rejected my mom’s request. I told her to do what we had been doing for the whole time: taking a floppy disk and bringing it up to print. So she had to agree.

That same year, I decided to make my own newsletter for the class. We did not want to buy a new printer, so we decided to use this printer.

It seemed to fit for the purpose at the time. After two years, it was still the same.The printer had not gone bad: nothing had happened to the printer. It had not blown up, and it had not been destroyed.

I think that part of the reason this printer stayed alive for such a long time was because it was the kind of printer that was cheap, but it’s cartridges of ink were not. This was probably the reason it stayed alive.

Why would I say so this way? The reason would be this: the printer only contained wires. It did not contain a irremovable head (the thing that organizes the ink and sprays it onto the paper). Had it been a irremovable head (probably with a higher-quality), the printer would be almost useless in a year.

But this printer was not like that. It had removable heads that came with the cartridge. In fact, all the printer really contained was a movable plastic case that swished the cartridges back and forth and a bunch of wires that fed data to the heads so they would spray the ink.

And something like that usually lasts longer.

So this printer is powerful. As the “all” clothing detergent calls it’s product “Little Ol’ Mighty”, that was exactly what this printer was. It probably suited the printer better than laundry detergent anyway…

But soon, my “Little Ol’ Mighty” is going to retire to hopefully the attic. If it’s not the attic, it’s the Dump.

And hopefully, it’s the furniture selling “Dump” store, instead of the garbage one. Why? My printer deserves more. It’s helped me do my newsletter, my articles, my science project, my room (makeover), my pictures… almost everything I can think of that I printed was done using this tiny little beast.

So it may be tiny, but it sure can last a while.




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