Scientifically Science (part 3)

14 02 2007

She looked at her watch. I thought she was gasping at the time. She said really fast, “You don’t have a hypothesis. You’ve got to have a hypothesis. You want to have a hypothesis. The judges won’t look if you don’t have a hypothesis. You need a hyothesis– I mean hypothesis. Hypothesis, hypothesis. You just simply need one.”

Then she put her hands on her knees and looked at me really close.

She said, “Now what you’re going to do is you are going to take your project home, even though its due today. The judges are coming tomorrow.”

She looked at me intently. I nodded to tell her I understood.

She continued, “I, as the science project project teacher— or the math project teacher— give you special permission to go and take this home. A few other students are also doing this.”

She looked at me again. I nodded.

“Now, you will take the board home and you’re going to stick on your hypothesis. Then you are going to bring it back to this very room that you’re standing in.” (She meant the room behind the stage.)

Inside my eyes, the tears were up to the brim. Careful to not show it (a few classmates accidentally showed some tears since they got the same problem that I did and it didn’t look too good), I grabbed the board and took it away into my classroom.

When I got there, practically all of my classmates tackled me.

“You’re supposed to take it to the room behind the stage!”

“Don’t you know anything about the science fair?”

I was about to be knocked over when a girl who also did the science project came up and told them, “He doesn’t have a hypothesis.”

Everyone got quiet. I nodded. They looked at me watchfully.

I joked and said, “Blink. Blink.” I accompanied the eye movements and everyone burst into laughter. Then they went back to their own things like I never had a science project.

I grinned at the girl. She smiled sheepishly. I told her “thanks”.

That afternoon, I got onto my mom’s van to go home with my backpack.

With my backpack. Only my backpack.

When I got home, I slapped myself on the face. My mom worriedly said, “What’s wrong?”


Then I picked myself up and went over to the sofa and began to think. What could I do? Well, I could forget about it, which was a terrible choice because I had already finished so much.

I could also make the stuff at home and when I got to school I would just stick it onto the board with the tape that I would bring on waxy paper.

I chose the second option as the one I would use. The first one was just too drastic.

So that night I worked. And I worked. And I worked. And I slept.

Did I catch you? But it was true.

Another one of my ancient quotes.

I finally went to sleep, sound that my science project would not crash.

Or so I thought.


“Oh, hello! I’m the science project teacher! Or the math project teacher… it depends on what you’re doing.”

“I know.”

“Oh, Brad! It’s you! Did you fix your hypothesis problem?”

“Yes, maim. You can take a look at it and then register me in.”

“Okay!” She smiled real big.

Then she began to take her finger and pointing out every word. Almost through with the first page, she looked at me.

She stared at me intently.

Then she brightly said, “Well done! Well done! Well, I’ll just go and stick yours in and register it!”

Then she smiled at me so grandly I got a bit nervous.

She took my science board and put it up with the others.

There it was. Somehow, my brain kept on making a spotlight around it.

I left. The day after the next, I got my science project back.

There was a ribbon on it.

The ribbon had “2rd Place” written on it.

I stood looking at that ribbon. Why was I looking so intently?

The ribbon was mine.

I looked at that ribbon. It was hanging on a thin rope. The rope was hanging on a tiny nail that had been hammered into my board.

I smiled. This was one great science fair.




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