Scientifically Science (part 2)

11 02 2007

(to part 1)

The next day, we drove into the drop-off area. I took my board and unloaded off from the van.

The drop-off area that we happened to unload at (I call it the “East Gate”) opened straight into the cafeteria. From the cafeteria, two inner doors opened into the rest of the building.

I took my board in. It was pretty typical. Some students were eating breakfast (you could pay to eat here or you could eat at home) and some were on their way to class.

And a small number of these people who were in the cafeteria were like me: they were unloading their stuff.

Their science project stuff. And they were walking into the small door that lead backstage. So I followed them.

I emerged out— behind the stage. There was a small stand set up. On the stand were four boards.

I set up my board with all the others. I was just about to leave when a teacher popped out. She was teaching in our grade.

This teacher always seemed to wear a smile… even if she was telling a student not to misbehave.

“Hullo there!” She put on a huge smile. Her cheeks shined light pink. It seemed like she was expecting a photographer to pop out any moment and take a picture of her.

She leaned downward at me. “You know, I’m the science project teacher. Or the math project teacher,” Her cheeks shined even brighter. “It just depends on which thing you’re doing.”

Then she opened her eyes big and her mouth became small, and she said, “Ah! You’ve got your science project, don’t you? Well, I’ve got to check your beauuuutiful project in, don’t I?”

“Yes, maim.”

Her face broke into a huge smile. “You know your manners, don’t you? Well, anyway, let me just read your report, okay, honey?”

“Yes, maim.”

I just stood there quite awkwardly while she took her finger and pointed out which line she was reading.

After about one page, all of a sudden she put her hands on her face and gasped. She turned and looked at me, and said, “Oh, dear.”

(still working on the part 3, so I guess it’s “to be continued”)




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