Scientifically Science (part 1)

5 02 2007

I did a science project that was scientifically science that was scientific.

Whew! But as I always say: Yep, it’s true!

Yesterday was the day I quickly made my final adjustments for my science project that I turned into the teacher before the judges came.

It’s not wrong to do that. Everyone did it. So I went along and did it too.

Actually, I went along because I had to do that.

And the reason? I left out my hypothesis.

Allow me to begin. A few months ago, the teacher asked us if we wanted to do a science project for the science fair. The teacher said we didn’t have to do it even if we wanted the notice.

It sounded good, so I said yes. I took it home. I showed it to my dad. I decided to make a science project.

A few days later, I got my board. So I began to work on it.

My other friend (whom on my blog he is corresponded as Rocky) and his friend (who I will feature in my Others Folder) kept on telling me about their “motor”.

But I thought their topic was much too hard. So did my dad.

My science project was on whether you could believe your eyes or not. There was plenty of stuff on my board that made your eyes have to blink hard… or move your head back and forth, for that matter.

A day passed. I worked on my project.

Another day passed. I still worked on my project.

Another day passed. I again worked on my project.

Another day passed. I scrambled on my project.

Another day passed. The next day the project was due.

AHA! Caught you on surprise, didn’t I? But it was true. It was Monday, and the project was due on Tuesday.

That night, I stuck on my report. I added some borders. I taped my bibliography. I stood and admired it. And then I put it in the van.

(to part 2)




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