Backdoor Me

20 01 2007

Yesterday, I went out the backdoor of my school. Pretty sneaky, eh? Yes, very sneaky, going out that door feels like.

Yeah, feels like. I’m not kidding. It isn’t, really. It’s actually perfectly allowed. Now all the pizzazz is gone because I told you that.

A few days ago, I didn’t even know that you could do that. It all started a few months ago.

My friend went out of the back door everyday. He was a bike-rider, so I thought he put his bike in the back. I had to follow my teacher out to the front of the school. I always longed for something different, but in first through third grade I always went out the side door which was not unique.

Now that I’m in the fourth through fifth group, I have to go out to the front door. Sure, it’s sure to let somebody know you’re older than the other kids, but practically the whole grade was out there, so when somebody looked at you it was a “oh, here’s another kid in the 4th-5th grade” kind of feeling.

Just a few weeks ago, I noticed that even though my friend was going out the back door, he was actually going around the building to the front. His bike was out front. I began to think this must be the happening of some special permission or so.

I always thought what he did was not allowed until I noticed a lot of people were going out that door. I thought, Hey! If they can go out that door, who says I can’t?

Thus I asked the teacher.

“Mrs. ***, is it allowed to go out the back door?”

The teacher chuckled. Pointing at my friend, she said, “Well, he can go out that way. Why can’t you?”

We were allowed! But I wasn’t ready to give up the front entirely. I told my other friend who also went out the front door quite dramatically, “Today will be the last day we leave out of the front door!”

So we went out the front door. The next day, I told him again with even more triumph, “Today is the first day we leave out of the back—!”

At this moment, the announcement speakers beeped and said, “Students and teachers, today we have rainy day dismissal. All students, please report to front office for in-school dismissal procedures. All walkers, bike-riders, and the like, you must be picked up by your parent or guardian.”

Rainy day dismissal! Man! That meant that everyone (mind you, everyone) had to go out of the front door. Not even bikers or walkers or “the like” could leave unless they were picked up by a parent!

So much for my first day leaving out of that door. But it wasn’t too much of a surprise, considering the fact that it had been raining for the last week. Sigh.

The next day, I again shouted with my fingers crossed, “Today is the first day we leave out of the back…” I paused here, fingers crossed, hoping no rainy day dismissal notice would come. It didn’t. “…door!”

So I went out of the back door and around the school. It was very interesting. I realized a lot of people went this way, so it wasn’t a very secretive way.

But still, a fun way!




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25 01 2007
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[…] strange, but true. It all happened on an innocent end-of-the-day, when I was preparing to do my go-out-of-the-side-door procedure. I grabbed my backpack and sat down and waited for a announcement that the teacher was signaling […]

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