Unfortunate Mornings

17 01 2007

This morning, my dad waited for the lady he carpooled with. Every morning, he had to do this because he had to go to work.

Well, today was no different. He was waiting when he noticed that the main route to his work had been closed. Worse, the HOV lane, which was a one-lane route from the end of the highway to downtown, was shut down!

My dad thought if he waited another hour, things would clear up a bit. So he called his carpooler and told her this news. Naturally, she agreed.

He called the company. Nobody picked up. Except for the message system.

“Welcome. You have reached *** Company. We have postponed opening until 10:00 AM. Thank you for…” My dad did not wait for the rest.

He was very lucky. Very lucky in fact. Some other people were less fortunate.

There was one who went there, and began working. When he tried to print something, it said that the printer was not on. Why? Forget the printer. The people were not even there, not to mention “on“.

There was another unfortunate one who also carpooled. Unlike my dad and the lady, they had a meeting place not close to home. He had driven over to realize that the other one was not coming. When he called, the other one told him there was a postpone. So he said, “Then I’m going to the mall.” And he did.

Yet another one called the company at six in the morning. The message about the postpone had not been set on yet, so he said, “I must go.” When he arrived, when he got there, he realized that there was almost nobody there!

Those are just a few that were unlucky. What about you?




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