The Tiny Story of MicroFord

13 01 2007

A very long time ago, me and my friend were walking towards the door outside. I just so happened to be thinking of Microsoft at the time. When we walked out, there was a big car parked there, and on it were the huge words “FORD”.

I had never seen the word “FORD” written so big on a car. It lined the whole two sides of the car and even the top of the car had the words “FORD”. I was so astonished, I said the word “MicroFord”.

It was pretty obvious that MicroFord wasn’t a word, but I had just been talking about Microsoft and those huge letters just had to make me mixed up.

My friend and I laughed so hard at this new amusing word: MicroFord. Who could think of something more interesting? I laughed. Then my friend thought of a idea. I stomped, and my friend cried, “My MicroFord! You’ve smashed it to pieces!”

We came up with crazy ideas like this every week or so. This is one of the stories, entitled “Customer Service”.

Once, there was a MicroFord. It was parked in the garage of a rich man. One day, he decided to use it. He pressed the button on his keys and the MicroFord started to grow until it was just a regular Ford car.

Then he drove away. He parked it in a very close parking spot near a grocery store and walked into it after locking the car. However, a MicroFord does not beep and then lock the doors. It simply shrinks. So that’s what it did. It shrunk until it was just a tad bigger than an ant.

When he was inside shopping, a regular truck parked right on top of that MicroFord. The MicroFord was crushed until it was quite unusable. When the driver of the regular truck was done buying a copy of the newspaper, he quickly left.

The rich man walked out of the grocery store. He pressed his car keys. He saw some strange creaking sound, and then only one piece of the car returned to regular size.

The rich man was outraged and immediately called the Customer Service. The Customer Service told them that they would come as soon as possible.

Now, this Customer Service was not alike others. They were tiny and drove tiny cars, making themselves bigger when they absolutely needed to, and only when they absolutely needed to.

The Customer Service sent out a fleet of cars. They were just on their way when all of a sudden, a parade came. The dancers pranced and danced and flittered on the Customer Service until one tenth of them were dead.

The fleet had to stop for a moment to mourn for the dead, but just then, the marching drummers came by. They stomped and drummed and stomped and drummed on them until their eardrums almost popped. One of the drummers dropped his drum and smashed a few more.

At this moment, the Customer Service had a lot of people already to mourn. They would began to cry and mourn the dead had the cars decorated with flowers come and run them over. More were dead now.

Meanwhile, up in the sky a airplane was having a serious malfunction. They could not fly anymore and began to fall down. And it just so happened that that place it fell on was the Customer Service.

The airplane came crashing down in lots of pieces. Luckily, the passengers were not hurt. But the Customer Service were. They wanted to cry for help except for the fact that nobody could hear them.

Not too many Customer Service agents were hurt. Most of them had ducked to the side of the disaster. They surveyed the scene. A strong rumbling sound came from the side.

It was a eighteen-wheeler coming to pick up the remnants! It came in and stopped right on top of them. Now, all of them were minorly hurt.

They heard the driver of the eighteen-wheeler say, “Hmm. I’d say we don’t move them. It’s a great place to start a landfill.”

A LANDFILL? These Customer Service workers were in big trouble.

So they got covered with junk, and then they got covered up with dirt. Just then, they decided to build a building taller than the Empire State Building. So they did, right on top on the big landfill.

Only one agent survived. He climbed out of the landfill, congratulating himself for surviving, just as a parade came…

The parade came and smashed him to pieces.

The Customer Service Center is still waiting for that fleet to come back.

The rich man is still waiting for the Customer Service to come.

The grocery store is still waiting for the rich man to leave.

Everyone is waiting for sometime which will never come.

The End. Was that too gruesome? Then learn the lesson: never ever drive a MicroFord once they are invented unless there are no more regular cars and trucks in the world. OR ELSE YOU MIGHT GET RUN OVER BY A BUNCH OF MARCHING DRUMMERS…




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