Sucked Into Blogging

7 01 2007

My dear aunt is sucked into blogging. She started a few months ago, but now you can call it the online day clock. The reason for that is because it is now practically an accurate time-tracker. Only did she rest for a few days did it get off by three or four days.

In fact, that day when we were eating, I asked how long it had been before she started blogging. She and my dad replied at the same time for me to count the number of posts she had written.

So it had been over seventy days.

It all began when she came to America from China. As soon as she arrived, besides the enviroment and air, she found it very boring. After three years, my uncle helped her create a blog. That, I suppose, was a revolution in her life.

She immediately began to write like crazy, at the speed of one per day. She wrote in Chinese, of course, beaming them overseas where her Chinese friends in China could read them. My aunt was starting her life over, it seemed.

She came over everyday to our house. As a matter of fact, my mom eventually got used when she woke up and saw two eyes and a nose plus a mouth that was saying something. Something like, “Did you read it yet?”

“It” was now the new word for blog, since she did not say anything else. When she got to thirty posts, she was over the bump on Blogging Avenue. Tens of millions of people opened blogs, but got stuck on that bump, which the road workers (commonly places like WordPress or Blogger) couldn’t fix.

She (and others, like me) got over that bump, anyways, and now it was all highway. One per day, one per day. My mom found that the first thing she had to do was read her blog when she woke up instead of her email, because usually just two minutes or even during her reading, my aunt would pop her head in and said that thing. That phrase, “Did you read it yet?”

Her schedule was so full even though she didn’t go anywhere. It was the whole night up to twelve reading the blog and answering comments. She loved it! And best of all, she wasn’t sulking or sad anymore.

Wherever she went, she took a small notepad. When she was driving, if she thought of a great topic, she would pull over and write it down. If she was at work in a meeting, if she thought of a great topic, she would excuse herself and write it down.

But just a few days ago a earthquake broke some Internet wires. Internet access to Chinese sites became painstakingly slow. And my aunt? Well, she looked like America during the Great Depression! When we couldn’t even access her blog, she stopped coming over, because what was the point?

So now, you’ve got to admit. My aunt is sucked into blogging.

She’s on Blogging Avenue, and by the looks of her, she won’t be turning onto any other road any sooner.




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