The First Day Of School

3 01 2007

On the first day of schooling,
my teacher gave to me,
one funny candy cane,
one pack of coupons,
and a thesaurus that’s kind of small!

Huh? Well, people, that’s what happened today at my school. Be assured, everything was in havoc… probably what you predicted. But today was also a perfect day for people who were glad. People who had a great vacation. People like me.

Since I had missed two days of school, that included the Christmas party. My teacher handed me a nice booklet with “coupons” in it. It included all sorts of goodies like “Get out of Silent Lunch” or “Sit Anywhere You Like” or even “Shoes Off for One Day!”

On the coupon booklet was a little candy cane. I stuck it in my backpack. It could come in handy someday when you had to just scratch that foot, eh?

My teacher also handed me a Scholastic Pocket Thesaurus: Special Abridged Edition. It was a little booklet that had 800 words. It was dubbed “Handy Guide, Words for Easy Reference”. But it appeared that everything I wanted to look for, for the first three tries, were there. But “proposition” and “editorializing” were not there.

But it was the end of the day that came something ridiculously hilarious. I asked my friend, who had been in the party, told me that Johnny (name changed) had won the Bingo game, so that was why he had gotten a second set of coupons.

Then my other friend came. I asked him if Johny had won the Bingo game and that the prize for the game was a set of coupons. My other friend starred at me. He asked me how I knew.

“Well, it’s obviously the work of future prediction!” I said quite heroically. He squinted and said, “Really.” I told him I just knew.

Finally, he stared at me and said, “You’re freaky.”

So first day of school in 2007? Totally awesome.

So now, admit it. You had fun over the holidays. I had fun too. Don’t you just love it when someone calls you freaky when you’re playing something?

I consider it to be a high honor myself.




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