New Year Light Bulb

1 01 2007

It is 2007 finally. I have been waiting for it for a long time. My parents have not. They have despised it. When I ask them why, they said that it meant that they were older. To them, it seems only days before the Christmas tree goes up, and days before it comes down.

I told them that was a good thing. They disagreed.

But one thing that was really funny happened in the dead middle of the night. However, it did not seem like the night at all. The reason was because we were holding a new year party. Everyone that came (most of them, anyway) were all in the family room.

Some of us had their eyes on the television set. Some of us (more plainly an adult and me) were playing with two yo-yos. But most of us were chatting. That was the usual for a party in our household. Suddenly, my mom gave a great shout.

It seemed that the huge glass ball in New York was finally going down! except, I noticed something wasn’t right. There was no reporter. Suddenly, the whole scene was wiped out by a white background. And on that background were a few words: “We light the new year. Phillips Light Bulbs. The best.”

Everyone began laughing like crazy. This was something to be absolutely hilarious about. After all, it wasn’t very usual that my mom got tricked by an advertisement. We all laughed and giggled.

I suppose the funniest thing about that was that one too-real commercial tricked us all. And when the real ball started dropping everyone wasn’t finally sure that was the real thing. But when the reporters and NBC logo showed up, that was something everyone believed.

We all began to cheer. Then we joined into the countdown. I wanted to drop my yo-yo at the precise moment it was 12:00 to make my mom feel the huge glass ball.

5… 4… 3… 2… 1… 0! Just before the zero, I dropped my yo-yo and shouted “Goodbye oh goodbye 2006!” Unfortunately, the yo-yo dropped but did not make the wanted thud. Everyone jumped and yelled “2007!”

Then we saw it. The glorious numbers lit up and showed “2007”. It was a great time. Everyone almost cried looking at those four numbers. Four numbers that would last 365 days.

As soon as the numbers would up on the television screen, I began doing some things. I wanted to be the first person to do a lot of things. At least the first person in our family and relatives to do some things. Here’s what I managed to do before others caught on and began doing it with me:

  • Say “hydrothermal”
  • Go to the restroom.
  • Sing Jingle Bells.
  • Go into my room.
  • Wipe my hands.
  • Stomp.

It was a great year of 2006. It is a new year of 2007. Wonder how long it will be until 2008? A long time, but we should all enjoy it together. Happy New Year.




4 responses

1 01 2007

L.O.L ^_^ (ha-ha!) funny! All i managed to do was open the TV!!!

1 01 2007

Great job… that was a really cute story!!! Anyways, wuts ur NEW YEAR resolution??? Just asking… ( I DEMAND MORE -MORE-MORE STORIES!!!) jk

1 01 2007

I wander if that NAME made me sound like a HOT dude… don’t know y, i just always liked that name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
=_= sorry, back to the topic, nice writing

2 01 2007

yep … i know how your parents feel about new year hehehe =)

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