Copper Trip Series: Tubing Miracle

30 12 2006

Coincidences don’t happen. Well, usually they don’t. They are more likely miracles. Miracle is defined in the dictionary as “wonder; extraordinary happening or marvel”.

That is exactly what happened on that day I went tubing.

It was almost time for the fireworks at Copper Mountain on The Eve Of Christmas Eve (two days before Christmas). We had stood outside and they waiting for them to come. They as in parents.

Yeah, they. I was not interested. I wanted to go tubing. Today was the last day that tubing was open for the week. Friday we could not come. Saturday was today, and I wanted to go.

I had already begged my mom and dad, but they wouldn’t let me come. So I had to watch the boring sky. And I did mean sky. There was nothing in the sky.

My dad had already listened to my everlasting complaints about not watching the fireworks and instead going tubing. But then it was all luck.

I did have a lot of luck that night. the first wave came now.I was chatting with a couple who were drinking some sort of beer on the fairgrounds. I asked him how big the fireworks were.

“Uh, it certainly won’t be as big as tomorrow’s fireworks.” I made a strange look. He continued, “Tomorrow is the official Christmas Eve. That’s the reason that tonight’s won’t be as big as tomorrow night. If you can only watch one day’s fireworks, better off to watch tomorrow’s.”

I told this to my mom and dad. After much arguing and pleading and complaining, they decided to take me to the tubing area. Now, the tubing area was in a another village. To go there, we had to take a bus.

But even taking a bus was worth going to the tubing hill. We caught the next bus straight to the village we were going to: East Village.

When we got there, we hurried over to the tubing hill. The session, which lasted one hour, had already started. Luckily when we got there we were not late too badly. Now the problem was that we had to get a ticket.

A ticket cost $19. And and that was for one child. An adult was another story. My dad told me that maybe we could go next time, since today they were not a lots of kids who could race and play with me.

I had to agree. Besides, there was no point in trying to argue with my dad. Just when I was reluctantly going back to the bus stop, a large group of kids came. I thought that tonight I was going to be joining with them, had we bought some tickets.

At the end of a large group was a woman. She was yelling something that began with “anybody” and ended with “free tickets”. My curiosity grew. I thought that anything that had the phrase “free tickets” must have meant that it was “no free tickets”. Yet still I wanted to check it out.

After hearing it three or four times, I still could not believe she was actually saying it. “Anybody want free tickets?” She looked at me, and said, “Do you want free tickets? I have five of them.”

My dad caught up with me and said, “Really?” Apparently he was listening to the woman too. She said, “Yep. They’re free. Some of our party don’t want to go anymore.” Giving my dad three adult tickets, she walked away, leaving my dad speechless.

I figured the reason my mouth had opened like a elevator was because what my dad had in his hand was worth about $50 bucks.

It was a while after her voice yelling “free tickets, I have two; free tickets, I have two” died off when my mom came over and said, “Heard you two got free tickets. Heard I got a free ticket, too.” she put her hands on her hips, and finally said, “Well? Going or not?”

I slowly said, “At this time, I can only say one thing: LET’S GO!”

That hour passed quickly. We tried going in different tubing formations, and then we went separately, and then we went with others. we even tried doing a snake formation, a crazy formation, and a train formation. all of them were fun.

When the session passed by, which seemed very fast, and I walked over to the big sign that was painted on the fence. It said, “BEEN TUBING?”

There was only one answer to that.





One response

1 01 2007

i like the part where u said “…my mouth had opened like an elevator…”
REALLY REALLY metaphoric!!!
PS: it reminds me of an anime i’ve been watching recently.

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