Copper Trip Series: Fighting to the Bottom

29 12 2006

The first day, I had high altitude reactions. But it was not skiing and skiing and after one minute I go, “Ow, my head hurts.”

In fact, it was one millisecond that it occurred. Let me tell you how it happened.

It was the first day that I was skiing. I stepped in front of the huge snow mountain, chest sucked in and feeling happy. I stayed like that, frozen. Finally, I slid over to the lift with my dad.

The first trip up was on American Flyer, the lift that took you straight to the top of the mountain. The first time we went to the top, we went an S and came down. The second time we went up, we stayed up for a little bit.

Why, you may ask? Well, the reason was that I felt like my head was about to explode. I quickly told my dad. When we got up, my dad gave me a bottle of Gatorade. I drank some gulps of it, then put it down. It was reasonable that going down the mountain would help much better.

We decided to say hello to my mom (who was a novice skier). She was skiing in Union Creek, AKA the-place-for-beginners-since-there-are-only-green-ski-routes-there. In Union Creek, there was also a cafeteria, which was perfect for me.

So I set out on the task to get to Union Creek. But since my head hurt so bad, I traveled at a very slow pace. After two minutes, I fell over. My dad skied down and waited next to me while my head hurt. Finally, I felt well enough to sit up and continue skiing.

Once, my head hurt very hard and there was just very conveniently a picnic table. I could not resist that inviting red color of the picnic table, so I skied there… straight into soft snow.

Finally, I was only minutes away. From the position that I was in, I was lying down on a steep slope. Over the trees, I saw the cafeteria. It was a beautiful brick building. And yet I still needed to ski down. It felt like the snow mountain was making me look at the place I wanted to go but couldn’t yet.

I gathered up the strength and courage to go down. With a push, I was away. I saw the cafeteria get closer and closer and closer until…

Until I was in it.




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