Copper Trip Series: Frozen to Copper Mountain

23 12 2006

(continued on previous post)

At once, the whole carousel stopped. Then everyone was frozen. Nobody moved. A couple of security guards started hauling baggage off from the carousel.

After throwing about ten things down, the carousel began moving again. Then it stopped again. So the guards stepped in and threw a few bags out. One person took a dare and grabbed his luggage off of the other side of the carousel. A lot of people cheered for him.

At that time, I thought I didn’t understand what the speakers said, but in the end, I knew that what I heard was what really happened. The large speakers said that “flights from Nebraska and Tennessee” would have their baggage “claimed from carousel number one” and “thank you for your cooperation”. But, hey, carousel one was full and they were redirecting others to us?

After many hours and loads of minutes and countless seconds, we got all of our luggage. My dad and another friend, who was going with us to the same place, went to the rental.

When they went to the rental, we had to wait inside the airport for them to come back. It was a very long time, but finally we got a call from my dad.

A call was not for them to come to us, but for us to come to them. It seemed that the airport had stopped practically all transportation. No vehicle was allowed into the airport, and only in vehicles already inside the airport could get out.

So there was no way my dad could have driven into the airport to pick us up. But we were saved. It was just our luck at there was one more shuttle inside the airport; the last one.

So we picked up all of our luggage, which was a lots, and started walking across the street to where the bus was waiting. Outside snow was beginning to calm down and it was certainly a large amount of snow.

My foot sunk into the snow as I walked across the street. I saw the last bus waiting for us. When we got on, the bus immediately left.

When he caught onto the highway, I asked the bus driver where we were driving. It seemed that we went driving in the middle of nowhere. Occasionally, I saw one car pass us. But much more often, I saw stranded cars.

So we drove on. Finally, I solve a small building with the words “Payless” on them. We were finally at the rental place. Outside two SUVs were parked there.

The weather was very frightening. As soon as we got off the bus we immediately ran for the SUV. As soon as I got in our slammed the door and I screamed for my dad to turn on the heater.

And after that, I sat in the car. All through the night, I just sat as we drove on.

I will continue it later on, possibly when I get back to Houston, since Internet access in Copper Mountain is limited.




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