Lost Maple Trip: Hop Across the River

13 12 2006

*This article is on the Lost Maple Trip.*

Well, we had driven for a very long time and I was exhausted. But my dad was even more exhausted. So when the sign for Pedernales Falls came up, we happily turned onto the road. Then, after less than twenty seconds of driving, I began to feel even worse than before.

This was the reason: the road we turned on was going up and down the mountains. Up and down we went, from the top of one to the bottom of the next. But finally, we got to the office, where we were greeted by the staff, who apparently didn’t have a headache.

She gave us a map, and circled out the best viewpoints. My dad looked at it, and then threw it at me, pointing at the circle, “This is where we will eat our lunch, which will serve our purpose for coming here.” Then we drove on. The staff member looked like she was hurt, but she didn’t show it

Little did I know, but we were going to do a lot more than just eating lunch at Pedernales Falls.

– – – – –

My dad and I got out of the van. We had arrived at the parking lot for the short hike to the Pedernales River. My dad made me a quick sandwich with some lettuce, ham, and tomatoes. We started on the hike munching our delicious combination of food.

When we got to the river, my dad did as any professional photographer would (even though he’s not one) and grabbed and started to take pictures so rapidly one could walk by and think he was in rapid mode.

Click. Click. Click. Beep, beep. Click. went the camera. I ran down there and began to hop from one rock to another.

One hour passed. I didn’t notice, for I was posing as a couch potato on a rock for dad. Two hours passed. I didn’t notice, for I was climbing to the highest rock. Three hours passed. I didn’t notice, for I was trying to remove a cobweb. But my dad noticed.

“Arg! We have no time! We must leave now!” And pulling me away, we left.

Pedernales was a great park, and I hope to go back. But coming back won’t be too long. 🙂

PS. Today, I swam in the baby side of town AGAIN! Well, guess that hopes don’t last long, do they? And also, I received Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 Preferred. I’ll write on it later.




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