Pre-Christmas Showers

10 12 2006

Ho, oho! It’s almost the time for Christmas! Only 14 days until the day of Christmas. I have been noticing that everywhere, Christmas is breaking out: the Christmas decorations and trees are up on every street, my friends and me are making wish lists, my other friends who don’t believe are now criticizing it: Christmas is EVERYWHERE!

In this warm and friendly times, it’s hardly possible to listen to any song that’s not “Christmas-ey”. One channel on the radio, it’s “Silent Night”, and on another it’s “Jingle Bell Rock”. Even in music class, it’s “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer”.

I am very excited, and I am sure you are too. I am going skiing and after a week or so, I will be sitting in a hotel that is so close to the mountain you can just walk out of it with your skis on.

Copper Mountain in Colorado is the word I’m looking for. I can’t wait!

But just today, it poured just when we needed it to stop, it didn’t stop. Not surprising; nature never listens. Here’s what happened: It was morning: 9:30. I was starring at the forecast as it told me “that rainfall will increase and then drop down with frequent light showers”. My dad and I stood for a moment, then exclaimed, “Half an hour! Half an hour! How are we going to roller-skate in the park?” I always roller-skated on Sunday morning, and it seemed unnatural not to.

We spent the next “half an hour” running around the house, grabbing stuff, staring at the report as the clouds got closer and closer. When we finally got to the park, it was beginning to drip. When we got all the protective gear and the roller-blades on, it was beginning to pour. We stood in the car, looking at the rain.

So we drove back home, the whole time arguing about whose fault it was that we were so slow.

But that afternoon, we really got to roller-blade in the rain. I’ll post about the fascinating story of “Roll (er-skate) in the Rain” later on. Stay tuned.




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