Valiant Fathers: Mine And Hers

7 12 2006

SWAT team saving the rest of the familyToday, I heard a very emotional news: a father and his family, including his wife, her baby and girl, were stuck in the snow on a small road. After 9 days, nobody came. So the father decided to set out and look for someone to help. He died in the attempt, but in the end, his family was saved (left is a image of the SWAT team rescuing the rest of the family).

It was very heart-breaking, and it almost made me cry. You can read the whole story from CNN here. Even if you do decide not to read the news report, the most angering thing I should tell you: the father (Kim) walked in a circle. The family and him were only separated by a big canyon.

When my dad told me about this, he also told me a similar experience that my mom and him had when they were on vacation in Sequoia National Park. It was wintertime, and it was just morning and the sun was beginning to come out.

A small sign said that to see a viewpoint to turn left onto a small road. My dad thought reasonably that it was morning and there was time to spare. So he turned onto it.

At first, the path was well plowed and quite wide. After about 200 yards or so, it started being that the road was only open; the sides were very thick snow. And after another 200 yards, there were only car tire lines going down. If you did not drive on the tightly pressed tire lines, you would sink in.

After that, there was nothing but a big gap in the trees. Then all of a sudden, a strong revving sound came from the front. And then the car stopped.

At further observation, it appeared that the car was in a skid. Uh, oh. So my dad tried to back his way out. Nothing better, just worse. The snow under the wheels was thrown backwards where it melted and then froze into solid ice.

My dad grabbed his cellphone and dialed 911. He looked at the screen. The screen looked back at him with “No Service Available”. He tried heaving the car out. Nothing got better. He decided to hike back out in the ankle-deep snow. Just as he took one step, however, he sunk into the snow. This was going to be hard.

Just when he walked about twenty-four steps and things were getting horrid, a family came along. They were wearing snowshoes and were preparing for a hike. They saw my dad and mom and took pity of them. So that family went back and came with snow-chains.

Just when things were getting good, my dad held up the two ends of the snow chain. They could not hook together because they were about a foot short. He pulled. No avail. He stretched. No avail. My dad stomped his foot in frustration, and the foot went into the snow six inches.

Then, he all of a sudden had a idea. “Why didn’t I think of that earlier?” He took off his shoelace and tied the two ends of the chains together.

This had to work, he thought. It did, just not too peacefully. With the family that helped us waving for my dad to go left, and my mom waving to go right, my dad didn’t know who to listen to.

Finally, everyone got what they deserved: my dad listened to the family, and the car hit into the snow. Bad choices pointing in different directions, eh? Well, everyone came and helped heave the car out of the snow, and carefully staying on previous car tracks, they made it out. Such a save!

And just to give you a sense of time, I’ll add this: Three years later, a little boy was born. He was cute and cuddly. And so my parents named the little boy (commonly known as ME!) Brad!




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