The Baby Side Of Town

2 12 2006

Yesterday, I was swimming at the Swimming Place. Now, the Swimming Place is split into three sections, as I call it. The left side has 9 lanes running left to right, and we call that the west side of town. I have only swam in the west side twice.

Every-time I swim, I usually swim in the East side of town, or the middle section. These two areas are actually one body, except there is a walkway down the middle we call the Highway. On the very right is a three-lane tiny area that’s very shallow. That’s the Baby Side of Town. Everyone knows that babies have peed in it. Nobody really trusts the rumor, but no one ignores it either.

But that time, it just so happened to my luck (sarcastically saying) that someone was already swimming in our very clean and tidy three lanes of the East Side. I was very angry when the coach said we had to go to the Baby Side. There were two lanes open, and one was already used by a small baby who was apparently floating in the water and called his slow moving legs up and down freestyle.

So we had to swim in it. Gruesome it was, we swam and I tried my best not to accidently swallow any water. I think I swallowed a lot of it. Yuck. When I was swimming, I just hoped that I didn’t swallow any.

So far, to this date, I have not drank any of this hazardous material. But then again, you never know if I will…




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