The Chef Cooks His First Dinner

29 11 2006

I was the chef on my camping trip. No kidding! I made a whole lot of meals for my dad and me on the Lost Maple Trip. However, not all of them were, really, —enjoyable.

I learned how to cook noodles with tomatoes and lettuce. I learned how to make soup. I learned how to fry vegetables and how to make lettuce, although it wasn’t all that great (imagine burning sparks landing on your hand).

Of course, nothing is enjoyable, my dad kept on reminding me. And it seemed my cooking didn’t have too much of a difference with my dads. It seemed edible to me and actually quite tasty. In fact, I loved my own food!

Every time, I would take out the trusty propane burner, turn it on, and put my pot of water until it boiled, and then put everything in. Otherwise, I would (eek) take a pan of oil and burn it until it was very hot, and then put everything in and stir it.

It was fun making it, but I also learned one thing: always be careful. Even though it looked very easy when my dad did it, he managed to never spill one little leaf. Yet for me, I dropped half of the whole bag of ripped lettuce!




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