26 11 2006

Today, I have no thanks to give. It is a catastrophy. On a Brad Basis Chart, it would be a zero. This is the reason why.

On November 22, 2006, our house became part of the Harry Potter story. Yep! Our house was a “leaky cauldron”. No kidding! The reason of our unfortunate happening was in the plumbing.

It happened when I was showering. I noticed the water was not going down the drain. I immediately called to my dad. He said that it was probably a bit of hair and went to get a toilet plumb.

Little seconds later, he was hollering to me something I didn’t hear all to good. It sounded like this: “HOLD THE SINK DOWN! THERE’S WATER COMING… …YOU JUST HOLD IT DOWN… DON’T MOVE NOW, I’VE… …COVERED!” But either way, there was one thing obvious: a problem.

When I finally jumped out I found out what was happening. Our two closets and one restroom on the first floor were covered on the bottom with water!

So we spent the rest of the day going to the restroom outside in the yard, and my dad and I spent the first hour taking a old cloth and wiping the water. But guess what happened the minute my mom got back? She sat on the restroom, and she flushed it down. So, we spent another half hour dumping that water out into a bowl.

We have already gone to Lost Maple during the Thanksgiving. It’s a four-day trip. I will write some posts just on it later on. See ya!




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