The Feat Of Seven

21 11 2006

I have done a great feat today. Greater than any record done before in our household. A goal that I have been straining to reach for two months has been done. I have set a new record in my father and me’s game of Five-In-A-Row.

The game is this: I am the white and my dad is the black. Whoever gets five in a row wins, so you have to stop the other person from winning and making five in a row yourself. It’s actually a matter of making two at the same time so they can’t block it.

Well, we decided to keep a record. So everytime I won, I would put a white playing marker next to the previous one. For a long time, it seemed like this (I am A and my dad is B): AAABAAABBBAAABABABAAABBAABABABABAABAAAAAAB. Notice that the highest either of us got was 6. I got to it three times, and my dad made it once.

But today was different. It was a AAAAAAA! Seven! I had never been so happy the whole day! During that winning round, I concentrated on every move and every spot. My dad laughed at me because I had gone through the whole board three times, but it paid off now.

On a Brad Basis Chart, it’s going to be a 6. Awesome. But part of it was because of this…





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