One Week: Nothing To Be Thankful

20 11 2006

I have nothing to be thankful for. It has been a simply awful week. If I were to rate it as a judge, 10 meaning best and 1 meaning worse, I would vote about a 1. It was simply dreadful.

First thing off, my watch broke. A $20 dollar watch, after just one year of use, had broke. And it was just my luck that I didn’t register it. No registration, no repairs. Uh, oh. Thankfully (my only thing thankful for) I still got a new one for $30 dollars.

Second thing, I lost my bike. Lost, in front of my face. It went like this. I was riding in the public park. It had been a tiring ride. So I just perched it on its stand in the parking spot to the right of us and climbed into the car. My dad started to change into shoes from his roller-skates. When he was done, he hopped into the driver’s seat.

Do note that the driver’s side was the left side. Not the right. So we drove out of the park happily. During the ride, I threw my helmet into the trunk of the van. Ker-plunk, as it hit the floor. Somehow, my reflexes did not remind me that hitting the floor meant there was nothing back there.

Until the night, when my dad finally had the time and strength to take it out, he opened the trunk of the van, and there sitting like a shell, bobbing back and forth, was my helmet. No bike. Just a wobbly old helmet.

And third bad thing? Well, it wasn’t that bad. Just this: instead of a week off, I only get Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Two more days of school. But it isn’t that bad compared to the other two.

But the week wasn’t that bad that I might blow up in frustration. Today when my granny’s daughter came, she told me a story. For the story, I would assume that my granny’s daughter’s name is Mary (name has been changed).

She had been late from coming home from work, so she had decided to call in and tell them that. But as soon as the other end picked up, she had said not a single word when her friend’s friend said, “Jane! Happy birthday!” and began to sing a birthday song.

When they were done with it twice, she broke in, “Now you wait a minute. I am not Jane! This is Mary calling in to tell you I am going to be late home!” They went, “Oh, you’re not Jane? Well, we will wait for the next call,” and they hung up.

Now, all this time my granny’s daughter is telling me this, I am laughing crazy.

So maybe the day’s not too bad after all.

– – – – – – – – – –

I’ve been straightening out the site and organizing it’s heirachy and order. You can check out the new interface, and also the new junkyard of pages.




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