Buzz… The Spelling BEE

18 11 2006

Buzz off! I’m trying trying to “bee” our school Spelling BEE champ! Yep, it’s true! The day before yesterday, I did a spelling test for words like “opacity” or “acromegaly”. And if your spelling dictionary marks that acromegaly as wrong, like mine did, know that it is correct. Want proof?

Now, when I got my spelling dictionary, I thought about last year, when I had got 4th place in the school-wide competition. It wasn’t not knowing how to spell it (who doesn’t know how to spell “together”?!?!?!), it was not paying attention.

It was fun, though. Everyone standing on that stage of our school; the counselor saying “airmask”; the student saying “a-i-r-m-a-s-c-k”; the teacher sending him or her down… But in the end, everyone saw that pitiful look on my face. Three months of practicing. Failed. But not as bad as the other kids who were older than me were.

What I mean by that is, have you ever saw a look on a fifth grader when he’s betten by someone, like, four grades below him? They would go, “But that’s not fair! Why do I have to go against this paticular kid?” It’s really funny.

This year, I plan to do much better on the Spelling BEE. I plan to work harder. After all, that’s the key to success.

Working hard.




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