Walking In The Hazel Mist

16 11 2006

This evening, when I was taking a walk outside, I noticed that the creek behind our house was covered with a hazy vapor. At first, I thought that I was dizzy, because I almost never saw this kind of haze in the creek.

However, when I looked at it closely, I realized it was real. It was a mist on top of the creek! It looked very beautiful.

I ran down into the creek and jumped across it a few times. It was a small creek, and water flowed slowly in it. My dad called me up and told me that I looked like a small little shadow, darting back and forth. I stood in his spot and he went down and showed me.

He looked a bit solemn. I could make out a body, his glasses, his thick coat, and his pants, but nothing else. He stood in the white mist. Around us, the black night went on for a long distance. Everything was silent, except for the soft gurgling of water.

From different spots in the area, the creek looked different. Some places you could see spots where water bubbled softly and hit the sides and retreated down back into the water. In other spots, you could see nothing except for a thin line.

I have been living here a few months after I was born, and whenever I look at the small concrete road that leads around the bend, the creek covered in reflections, I remember that this is my home, and it will be my home forever.

The hazel mist is not just a hazel mist.

It is my home.




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16 12 2006

Really great site. Thanks a lot!

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