Crazy Woman

13 11 2006

Yesterday, during the speech contest, I saw a crazy woman. My mom told me later a story about her craziness. My mom, being a judge in another group, told me what had happened with her.

My mom was walking in the hall when she ran up to me and said in a glee mood, “My daughter is going to get first place!” But, when the whole thing was done (about the time I showed up gloom) she realized that, no, her daughter had not gotten first place.

Nor had she gotten second place, or third place, or even honorable mention. No, she got nothing.

She demanded, “How is this possible?” Then, she told the judges that if they did not give her daughter a better award, they would never study Chinese again. That obviously caused a fright, for the whole point of the Chinese speech contest was to encourage Chinese, not ban it.

Eventually, the judges (including my mom) gave in. “OK. We will give your daughter a third place.” The judges held in and would not give a better award. Feeling better, the mother than asked another request, “I want my daughter to feel she really got this award.” and etc. and etc.

Basically, she wanted a retry. And when the judges gave in (they do so much too easily) everyone had to stay for 3 more minutes droning on about her trip to China.

Now, my mom regrets the award. That lady shouldn’t have been so. If everyone had done that, what would become of the speech contest?

It would become mayhem.




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