Speech Contestant

12 11 2006

This morning, I woke up with a horror as I realized it was Sunday, the day of the Chinese city-wide speech contest. Thousands of people in the contest! What was I going to do?

Now, why was I exactly so freakish about? I suppose it wouldn’t have minded to some open-minded people (or even open-source programs) but it minded to me.

I gulped and gulped. But when I went downstairs, there were my “pretty” shirt my mom had chosen for me last night.

When we went to the performance, I tried to look professional. During the performance, I did most certainly not act professional. Twice, I messed up. The first time was when I forgot to mention my name. No big harm, I thought (and hoped).

But the second one was probably the biggest drawback of my whole performance. It went horrifically like this: I forgot my lines. In the middle, I realized that I had said one part before another. Oh, dear.

When I sat down, I realized I was being patted by a very elderly woman whom I did not know at all. She greeted me and said, “W-wonderful p-performance, eh-h? Y-you d-did p-pretty ggood?” I said, “Thank you, maim. Thank you.” and ran off for my seat.

But after it was all done, I realized the fact that I still didn’t know my scores. With that little bit of hope still dangling on my foot, I waited. Finally, the prize-awarding moment came! And… “Honorable Mention” was me.

It was actually pretty good, considering the fact that half the rest of the students didn’t get anything, but I felt pretty let down. But either way, I had gotten something! Apparently, I got only a trophy, a shirt, and a certificate, compared to first place, which received a glorious 50 bucks and a huge red trophy, plus a bold certificate and a shirt.

But everyone got a picture with a person, apparently important, for everyone clapped when he walked down, walked up, or even shook hands. The only drawback to the picture was that two kids (I would have said toddlers if I could) squashed my certificate flat, and I worked the rest of the ceremony to get flat.
When I got home, my parents awarded me with a delicious meal at one of the restaurants in the area. But I still wish I got second place, or even third.

I still wish.




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8 04 2007
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