Short Term Memory + Dad = Panic

11 11 2006

This is a true mathematical factor: Short Term Memory + Daddy = Panic. You may be thinking, is this man crazy or what? Well, I have just proved this. Read on and find out.

Today while my dad was coming out of a shop, he forgot where his car was parked. He ran around. He looked from row to row. From column to column.  From side to side. From car to car. And he did not find his car. So, very frustrated, he pressed the panic button on his car.

Very immediately, the car in front of him began to panic. It panicked and panicked and my dad couldn’t stop it! He yelled, “Whomever person this car belongs to, please know that it is panicking.” Nobody answered.

Finally, he took the time to turn and look. A car that looked very much like his own was panicking. Actually, exactly as his own.

So I have just proved this theory. Short Term Memory + Daddy = Panic. Isn’t it obvious now?




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12 11 2006


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