Computer Smarts

10 11 2006

Today, my teacher had a temper tantrum. Before I mention this, I must tell you how the district’s computers work. The district uses Symantic’s Internet Suite for monitering our internet access. During the summer, they set up a new system.

Sure. The new one was so annoying. You could not access the internet at all. All that showed up was a very annoying little box that said something like this: SYMANTIC INTERNET ACCESS GATEWAY – LOGIN CRASHED, CANNOT CONTINUE 5769JH899.

First it took us a very long time for us to login. I kept on giving her helpful tips, but they weren’t all that helpful. Eventually, we found the error: a misplugged network cable.

To make matters worse, we were working on a database project for nutrition facts. We could not set up our filters in Microsoft Works Database. Silently, I mumbled about “MS Access”, “much better”, and “humph”.

Eventually, the teacher told me, “OK. You come over here and help me fix them three, with them two behind you.” I did not like this at all. It was of course a test of my skills. I then realized that some people had “10 g” and some had “10g” and some had “10 grams” and some had “10grams”. Oh, brother.

So after I fixed that, I realized that another one typed a space in EVERY one. Oh, brother. Humph.

Why couldn’t they have used Access? Just because I finished first, and I can’t help that; I’m just naturally fast at computers…




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