Big Day, Small Day

7 11 2006

VOTEToday is a big day, and I am sure you can guess what that is! If you still don’t know yet, please look at the logo and put your hand on your head and say, “Oh my gosh!” Yes! It’s Vote 2006!

Today, I could not use PE. We had to go outside because of… (look at the logo again)! Of course, my school was a (logo) place, so while everyone walked in and came out with a thing that looks just like the logo.

So today, we went outside and played Crab Soccer, regular old soccer, and run-around-the-pins-unless-you-want-someone-to-run-over-your-head soccer.

While I was playing, I got my shirt and found out it wasn’t mine. I traded with the other person, who just so happened mine. I thought about this that happened a while ago.

I had been sitting on a bench when I saw a USAToday vendor. When I pressed the coin release button (I always like to check), three quarters came out! When I pressed it again, three more quarters came out! Again, again, until I had about four dollars in my hand.

Now, four dollars was enough to buy a treasure trove, but instead of keeping it, I returned it to the cashier. We told the mailman that the machine needed fixing.

So that was the end of my thought because I got ran over inside the: run-around-the-pins-unless-you-want-someone-to-run-over-your-head soccer game.

So were done with that. Now, due to request, I am now featuring a comparison of Zune and iPod Video.

Zune’s 30GB and iPod’s 30GB devices are about the same price, with iPod at $249.00 and Zune at $249.99. Just a small difference. But, Zune is slightly thicker than the iPod.

Zune has a GUI about the same beaut as the iPod does. In fact, it allows you to have a background image and functions quite like a Media Center.

What is the most different is the sizes of the screen. While iPod dedicates half of his area to their click wheel, Zune spends it on screenspace, resulting in a much more comforting view. Also, the Zune has a FM tuner, something the iPod family doesn’t have.

Which one should you get? Want mobile and better? Get Zune. Want fast and a bigger thumb-moving area (no offense)? Get iPod Video.




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