One Thing A Day

6 11 2006

Today, when I walked into my classroom, there was only one thing on the Huge Planner for the day: Writing Essay. I looked up and down the list. No social studies. No reading. No science. No computer. Just writing. Oh, boy. Yeah, this was going to be one boring day.

The teacher passed out a sheet of paper. Well, actually, it was a packet of sheets. The first one said, *th Grade Writing Test for **ISD”. The second to fifth page were blank. And the six to seventh? No surprising things here: blank.

We just worked and did that. And before lunch, I had my only thing in the whole day done. So I sat down to read.

I have been looking forward to Zune which is releasing on the 14th. I’ll tell you more about that when I actually get a hold of one, which will be a long time.




5 responses

7 11 2006

Hi, here is Uncle Roy. Please use my web id from now on: back, or backbuffer.

Still reading your interesting blog. How much is Zune? Do you have a rough idea about that? And how do you expect it from Apple’s iPod video? Can you write a tech compraration for these 2 competitors?


7 11 2006

Boring ? I thought that writing was one of your favorite subject ?

You still do not know whom I am ?

7 11 2006

Not really.

7 11 2006

And again, not really. I still don’t know “whom” you are.

8 11 2006

Just guess (but do not put my real name in your blog): we went to Yellowstone together, my mom took a lot of pictures with both you and me…

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