The “Smelly” Marker

5 11 2006

Ever smelled a smelly marker? The ones that smell like grape, apple, orange, and (yuck) licorice? Well, one day he took them out. No one in our group could afford them, so of course we crowded around him and asked him silly questions.

“What does it smell like?” “Does it smell like stinky feet?” “What fruits are there?” “Does it taste like it smells?” Eventually, he just took one out and took a deep breath. He looked so relaxed, like some people do when they’re testing a new bed with that smug look on thier face on TV ads.

We got absorbed. But my friend wanted more. He wanted to smell it where-ever he went. Hence, he thought of an idea. He took his favorite flavor, and colored the inner area of his nose. At once, he could smell it. So relaxed!

But in less than ten seconds, it was no more. So, he grabbed it and colored more until he had a blue and orange nose.

Sometimes, these things are quite funny.




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