My Life Is A Program

4 11 2006

My life is a program. It functions like any other comptuter program: it’s scheduled, it can (and will) crash, it writes, it saves, it stores, and it times. And sometimes programs like me can run out of memory (“Stop bothering me! I can’t do 3 things at a time, but I can do 2!”).

I can only say my life is a rather advanced and imaginative program thats, say, A+. But either way, it’s a program.

I, the program, program programs to crash. I have just determined that this afternoon. No, I don’t like it, but I program apps and HTML. In fact, I’m surprised I can do anything without crashing it.

Just this afternoon, I was programming a search engine. Believe me, I needed a search for what I did wrong! Anything you pressed took you to the information page of my other site (not shown).

Which means that I do not recommend programs to program programs.

Yet, that means I don’t recommend myself to program programs.

What a program.

Check out my new poems, Five Objects, and the poems under it! Read it now, by clicking on the Five Objects button here or the button on the sidebar!




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