Behold My Dream

3 11 2006

Today, I went to Barnes and Nobles and read a great book on Firefox. It was about how to hack it and all sorts of stuff. Hacking Firefox is the name I’m seeking for, and although it was a great book, I’ve already forgotten it’s author…

Today, I decided to pop my wallet and the funds. I’ve decided to pretend I had 5 billion bucks (US, if your foreign)! From here down, you will see what I would do if I had 5 billion bucks.

(Expert from “If I Had Five Billion Bucks” by me)
I am sitting in a soft Temper-Pedic bed with a Temper-Pedic pillow. I feel very luxurious. I am reading a book which I have just purchased from Borders for $149.00. I am drinking the worlds most costy tea, at $200.00 per cup. It feels great.

Of course, I am enjoying it when I hear my deluxe phone ring. As I get closer, the aroma-therapy smells come. This happens on every phone call. I take a deep breath, and then pick up the phone.

The phone is a guy telling me my new shoes are about to arrive. When he comes, I buzz him in, and I pay him $100 for helping me put them on. Then I shoo him out. I stand on the moving escalator and get brought down from the fifth floor of my house.

Of course, the painters are hard at work painting the wall. They have just finished. I look at it, give them $500 more bucks, and they begin to repaint it turquoise instead of light green.

(expert from “If I Had Five Billion Bucks” by me)

Sounds great, huh? Drop by some other time to read the rest.

I now conclude my post, and my afternoon.




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