Spooky, Hollow Ween

2 11 2006

On Halloween, I had a really hollow day. Here is how it began:

My friend (for privacy, I am not mentioning him) was going with my another kid in another class. But I wanted to go with my first friend also. He agreed, but he practically forgot by the end of the day.

When I got back, I realized I did not know his phone number, or address. His dad’s cell was in my father’s address book, but he was in China. I was stuck without any information.

I hoped that he would call me about 6:00 and tell me his phone number.

He didn’t.

The wait wasn’t any better than the result. I gave some candy to this tiny little girl that looked real sweet and grabbed a whole handful of candy.

So instead of going anywhere to get candy, my dad and I went to get technology. We went to Fry’s. It was on the highway a little far downwards, so we went there.

I bought a Turbo Torch V16 Penlight Pro with New Light Chip Technology, a headlight for biking, and my dad bought a new phone.

Overall, it wasn’t as bad of a day as it sounded like.

I haven’t been blogging lately because of my delay. See ya, and Happy Halloween (for yesterday)!




One response

2 11 2006

Nice to see you floating around again.

Just leave this message to let you know I’m WATCHING your blog!

See ya soon, I hope.

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