Angry Problems

2 11 2006

Today will be the last day for school in this week. I am glad. This is the happening of the student holiday tomorrow. I do wish that every week was only 4 days of school, but some wishes can never happen…

Enough of that talk. Today was a fun day. I went out to local grocery store and bought some milk to drink, since I was so thirsty. But something different about today’s humble old school day was this: a math contest.

The teachers each gave out a stack of huge problems that could be calculated easily. In fact, our group was the first to finish. But since we had to color, we fumbled on that rule. When we gave it to the checker, out of our 8 problems, we got 4 wrong.

My friend who was also in our group was dumbstruck. He had the best math in the class! We recalculated our answers. The same. We marched up and named our findings. Our papers marched back with 4 wrong, again.

Naturally, my fury began to take place when this happened 4 times. Since one sheet was worth 8 points, and 4 points had already been marked off (1 for each try), I decided to do something I never did: I walked up to our math specialist and did the problem in her face (or in front of her).

When I finished my speech, she said, “Oh, maybe I glooped.” MAYBE SHE GLOOPED!?!?!?! She took off 4 points and now she tells us she glooped. I told her she owed us 8 points back. She embarrassingly gave them back to us.

So sometimes, little kids are smarter than adults.




One response

3 11 2006

I hope your math will be better than ever.

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