Summer Is Gone, Autumn Is Here

20 10 2006

Summer is gone. I can fan it away. Autumn is here. I can feel it already. Today, I got a full blast of cold air outside as I felt around and remembered those days in autumn when I began to rake the orange leaves, and when I began to wear a coat. When in summer, bringing up the topic of wearing a coat would get me laughed out of the room. There is no laughing now.

It is beautiful outside. All of our windows are open, because outside, the air is much more comfortable and open. Instead of the stuffy air that even the air conditioner cannot take away, the outside air gets you cool in no time. It feels great. I love autumn.

Here is a joke I heard a few days ago.

There was a tourist coming to take a swim in a lake. He was not familiar with the area so he went and asked a resident who was lying on the sand, “Are there gators in that lake?” The resident replied promptly, “No.”

The tourist felt safe and began to wade into the water. But wading in until it was shoulder level, he asked the resident, again. “What do you do if you see one?”

The resident replied promptly, “You won’t see any. The sharks ate them all.”




One response

22 10 2006

Men…I was laughing so freak’n hard when I read this joke. Anyways,
have a nice autumn!!!

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