18 10 2006

Today at school, something happened that was really funny. At recess, a couple of kids would not be quiet. So the teacher threatened to give them silent lunch (all by themselves at Antarctica, what I call the silent table). So they were quiet.

At about the same moment, another kid raised his hand. The teacher called on him. “Yes?” The kid said, “Can I ask you how to spell this word: supercallifragilisticexpeladoxious?”Everyone laughed, but the teacher didn’t. The kid was sentenced to prison in Antarctica for one lunch period.

Today I got my old posts up onto WordPress so the hassles of going back and forth from BlogSpot to here when I refer to the old one was probally annoying enough. Well, now you don’t! What could be more easier than scrolling through tons of pages? (Being sarcastic, but I mean it by tons of pages)

It was a lot of fun. Now, for a joke I heard about a turtle:

There are three turtles, two old and one as a kid, going to get some gas from the station with their bottle. Just when they get there, they find that they forgot to bring the cap opener. How were they to open the cap of the bottle?

They decided to send the small one back home. “Be careful.” They said. But the little one had his one thoughts. “No way! If I go, you will eat the sandwich!” The old ones assured the small one. Angrily, he hurried off.
The afternoon passed and the sun went down. The next morning, the sun came back up. But the small turtle didn’t. So just like this, the old turtles waited another day, another day. Finally, a week had gone past. A month.

The older ones began to get afraid. Had he been smashed? After one whole year, the old turtles looked at each other and thier faded selves. “If we don’t eat the sandwich, we will shrivel and be a part of the earth!” So, they opened the sandwich.

Just when they were about to take a bite, the small turtle ran out from behind a tree. Angrily, he shook a finger at them. “See? You take advantage of me! No way am I going to get the cap opener!”




One response

18 10 2006

You are so smart, you got your old posts up onto WordPress. I do not know how to do this. Where have you learned those thing !

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