My Successful Project

17 10 2006

Today I turned in my project. It was a great success. Let me describe a little more than my previous post. That afternoon, we worked inside the garage, a sheet of water dripping down from the open garage door. It looked beautiful.

Inside, I would give suggestions and occasionally help out with the cutting. The project was to make an accurate display that could be shown in a museum of ancient and old days, so my dad suggested a knife. Of course! The Indians used one.

Because my dad was great at art, we grabbed a piece of styrofoam and cut it into a knife. Then we got some mud from the grass (there was a break from raining) and smeared it all over. After that, we dug small trenches into the knife and put marbles in them. Complete!

But as we were walking home, we trampled on a box. Naturally, my dad’s artist mind became to take over. “We’ll make a display for it!” So we grabbed another piece of Styrofoam, cut it so it fit inside the box, and then dug a trench in the middle the size of the knife, and put it in.

Then when we were walking in, we saw some purple tissue paper. Twenty minutes later, the whole display box was wrapped in tissue paper. Tada!

Today, the project was a big success. Yahoo!




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