Dripping Me

16 10 2006

Today it rained. And it rained. And it rained. With a lot of breaks in between. And lots of wind.

This morning, I went out to get some fresh air with my dad. Seeing all the weeds that were gathering in the cracks of our sidewalk, we were unusually embarrassed. So I got a small metal stick (for wedging the weeds out of the crack) and a pair of gloves. Halfway out of the garage, my dad called.

“Honey! Can you grab a small shovel?” So mid-step, I went back to get a shovel. Just as I was about to step onto the driveway, my dad called. “Honey! Can you grab a pair of workgloves for me?” So again, 1/4 of a step done, I went back.

This time, half-step, my dad called again. “Honey! Move fast!” So I ran over. Just when I was under a tree, I noticed that water was dripping off from the branches. Interesting.

We went to work until I noticed an unusually lot of water was dripping down. My dad, who was working in the grass with no tree or plant on top said, “Hey. This is a lot of water for a tree to be dripping down.” I lifted my head and stared at him with an open mouth. He starred at the sky. We both looked at each other.

“LET’S BUST AND GET OUT OF HERE!” I hollered. We both ran into the garage until we were panting. When we went into the house, my mom was laughing. “Got a bath?” My dad told her, “No thanks. I need a bath.”

That same afternoon, I was working on a school project for early days. I was to make a model of something early humans of the world were using. I made a knife. Working inside the empty parking spot inside the garage was spacey, roomy, and comfortable. Great for working on projects.

So I came in and wrote this.




One response

16 10 2006

You are a very talented kid, obviously the smartest digitalRat in the world.

I really enjoy reading your blog, you will be a great writer when you grow up… Keep writing …


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