Under Something New, Eh?

15 10 2006

Yeah! I have been liking this WordPress service for a long time! It’s no surprise I have decided to use thier hosting. Now that I am trying it out, I am seriously beginning to like this! This whole editor is cool, and it is very interesting how they have much more themes than Blogger does.

I was a tiring day today. I went ahead and finished lawn-mowing and edging the yard, and trust me, it looks much more better. I also helped out my neighbor and cut thier grass.

Of course, that wasn’t all I did. Sweeping up the grassy mess, and wiping some sweat off from my face is tiring. It’s not like writing “This is hard” over and over. This was really seriously tiring.

Now, I am not the person that likes to work, so as you must imagine, it was quite a scene. I would think if you saw my work, you would crack up. I mean, hey, whats this little shrimp doing out here?

It was nice and cool today and the weather was nice thanks to the cold front by the hurricane. I don’t really mind Florida taking the blame. It’s nice and comfy in this area now. In fact, I am thankful the hurricane came.

Yes, the Bahamas got all busted, but some parts of Florida didn’t get the hurricane. I mean, it came and swirled around, so thats nice.




One response

16 10 2006

Really, you mowed the lawn ? It is a big job for such small hand !
Did your parents pay you ? If not, I will pay you to do our lawn.


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