Go with the Goo!

1 10 2006

Go with the Goo, or Goowy.

Goowy is an online desktop that has everything you could need. Well, almost everything you need: desktop, minis (for little at-a-glance things like the Personalized Homepage on Google), Mail (with lots of providers), File Storage (one gig free), Contacts, Calender, Integrated IM for major providers, and lots of games when you want to relax.

It is an ideal thing for you and the rest of the world. For me, I set it as Active Desktop and added it as a Web thing and maximized it onto my desktop, removed and hid my icons, and then locked it. My desktop was now a goowy desktop.

The only con was that it didn’t have a biult in web browser. Well, I didn’t really expect it to. It runs INSIDE a browser, so there is abselutly no need for a biult in web browser. Other hope-they-will-do things are more IM providers (they’ve got AIM, Yahoo!, MSN, Goowy (their own), AOL, and GTalk) and maybe some fixed bugs.

Awesome thing. The name makes sense, even. Once you start using it and start sticking with it (or gooing with it) you will wonder how you lived without it.




8 responses

1 10 2006

Ya know, I wonder why they don’t make any more movies about me anymore…

1 10 2006


1 10 2006

probally because they saw you going and ruining his rep.

1 10 2006

you zip your mouth

1 10 2006

make me

1 10 2006

make me get admin

1 10 2006


2 10 2006

Be careful! when you enter your IM username and password on any other sites.

They may steal your pass.–>

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