A Long Post

29 09 2006

This post might be a paticularly long one, so do not frustrate if you cannot finish it in one minute. If you can, well, then I can only say that you are a mighty fast reader for my blog, and you might better off use RSS.

Today is County Fair Day, so you might be guessing why this post appeared at this time. There is no school, and my parents are all freaking out and spanking the school district. I quote my dad: “When there’s a chance, they have a holiday. When there’s no chance anyways, they still have a holiday.”

Well, that was pretty annoyed. This morning, I decided to find a little information about my blog. You can try it too. Go to Google and type in “digitalrat” and the first listing is “DigitalRAT.NET”, therefore my blog is first under there. It was nice knowing that. At least a bot can find my website, not that any of my friends can also find it…

Yesterday, I did not go to sleep until sometime near 11:00 because of my “printing press”. You should go try printing 132 pages fully color in one night. I only got to 66 pages, but that was better than nothing.

Has one minute passed yet? If it hasn’t, I guess I will have to continue droning on and on and on and on…

No stopping, must continue…





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