Crash! Bang! (ok, maybe not that bad)

16 09 2006
Failure. Failure. That’s about all I can say. Oh, and I can also say 2846546545212368451855895985221654351664… which in my language stands for failure…

What happened? I have no idea. What the witness (and the person who messed the comp up in the first place) says that she (not I am saying she) turned on the computer. The system froze.

Obviously worried, she turned off the computer through the switchboard. Attempting to turn on the system, the /WINDOWS/SYSTEM32/CONFIG/SYSTEM file was corrupt. Failure. 2846…

Trying to fix the computer, going through the Recovery Console was a no-no. The autoDetect… no-no. The enclosure… just finished, also a nono (2846…)





One response

24 09 2006
Mr. Sunlight

… Brad, what a weird language. But my language is even weirder this is how you say hi

Arr Arrr

Like it Brad

Well gotta go,

Mr. Sunlight

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