Sleep! Snap! Snore!

14 09 2006
Have you ever had a time when you just couldn’t get why they don’t understand something obvious? I mean, I get annoyed when something like that happens. But sometimes you can’t blame anybody.

Take my experience with my friend. I was trying to tell her to save something to a floppy disk. Couldn’t get easier, hmm? But she insisted that the floppy disk icon (the save icon) was all that was needed to be done. I had to tell her about a thousand times to “select the A drive from the menu in the dialog box”.

She then insisted that I tell her what menu and which dialog box. I’ll tell you, I was practically sleeping. Sleep. Snap! Snore. Believe me, I was sleeping. I was dozing.

So, watch it next time.

That’s ta for today.




One response

24 09 2006

Brad, you are making fun of our dear friend: Haley. It’s not like I really care but…. I’m just telling you. Ohh and I’m advertising!!! So everyone come to

Gotta go,
Mr. Sunlight

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