9 08 2006

Monday, July 10, 2006. A post on switching to Firefox. The last sentence was “Take time to switch, IEbeta2 is turning out good for WinVista.”

Big fat edit. Big humungo edit. Big embarrasing edit.

I said the wrong thing.

I feel like hurtling Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3 out the window. Except I can’t. However, I did hurtle it out of my computer. Internet Explorer 7 (I’ll nickname it StupidThing for now) is horrible. Internet Explorer 7, to put it in a good way, does not meet my requirements and lacks in design.

The tabs are light blue, and every picture that is viewed is fuzzy and pixelated, and even Microsoft’s own office.microsoft.com recognizes it as Mozilla! OH MY GOSH. And the registry tweak fixes things up a little.

I tried the beta, and I ain’t trying it again. Until I must get it, I will not get it.

End dispatch.




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